Monday, July 03, 2023

Education is Freedom

I do not want my students thinking that knowledge is hidden or only passed on to a chosen few.

I do not want to produce co-dependent or charismatic personality followers out of my students.

I do not want my students running after me for years and years begging for "interpretations" or "patterns we use".

I share how to use skills, tools and methods.

I share what I know and where to find more.

I share how to apply, modify and invent.

Yes I teach logic, coping skills, reasoning, how to verify truth and detect manipulation.

Students learn how to use multiple reference sources to gain more accurate knowledge.

Students learn how context, situations, history, environment, audience and politics change perceptions.

Students learn to communicate with the core organization of language using grammar and vocabulary.

Students learn how to test, modify and improve their inputs, outputs and communications.

My students become confident then independent and go out on their own.

The ability to learn whatever you want, without chains holding you back is exhilarating.

Education is freedom


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