Teacher Tour Leader Program


Teacher Tour Leader Program


The teacher tour program is a combination of travel, using situations and locations to teach English and educational content.

The teacher tour program is excellent for adults to learn English vocabulary and practice speaking with a wide variety of native English speakers. The teacher tour program is excellent for teaching students. The students are exposed to a large and varied input of sights and sounds and this keeps them learning more and avoids boredom. Students who are excited and engaged in the learning process - learn more and perform better in tests and use the English language in real life situations.

Canada Travel Locations

Examples of travel locations in Canada include Toronto, Ottawa, PEI, Algonquin Park, Niagara Falls, Banff, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Rocky Mountains and Halifax.

Students and adults can travel to Canada

We can arrange for a family or group or class to travel and tour Canada with a teacher and learn about the many locations, history and geography, language and culture while travelling.

Tour Leaders can travel overseas

Teachers can travel overseas to teach a family, group, club, company employees or organization members.

Tour Leaders can travel overseas with the same group

A combination program occurs when a Canadian teacher travels overseas to teach for a month or so and then travels back to Canada or the USA with their group for a teach and tour program in Canada or the USA.

Assistant Tour Leaders can work with Tour Leaders

Assistant Tour leaders can be bilingual English teachers, Faculty of Education students, travel consultants, educators, education consultants, HR trainers, motivated parents and non-native English instructors who have teaching or tour experience and wish to attend either teacher training or education consultant training while in Canada.

Assistant Tour leaders who help us organize and escort a group of 12 (or more) English students will have their airfare, English camp accommodation, English camp meals, English camp tour expenses paid and receive a small honorarium for acting as guardian and assistant ESL English teacher.

This program is ideal for non-native English speaking Assistant Tour Leaders who want to travel to Canada with their "class" and experience a real Canadian English Immersion Program.

The tour leaders will be able to use their English, work with our Canadian English teachers. We will be posting specific 14, 21, and 28 day English Camp programs with full day schedules and updates as they become available.

We look forward to seeing you and your students.

How we Operate Our Programs

The Tour Leader program is designed to be the best experience for all parties who participate. We want this program to be a good experience for parents, students, assistant teachers, tour leaders, regular English teachers, activity coordinators, the ESL in Canada program organizers, various cooperating schools, residence providers, travel providers and the attractions, and event providers.

We want the parents of the English students to feel comfortable with the assistant tour leader acting as escort, guardian, assistant teacher, sometimes translator and confidant. It is a worrying experience for parents to send their children half-way round the world. We want parents to feel comfortable with the knowledge that a trained professional from their country is there to assist.

Our goal is to have the English students who are studying and traveling to Canada to have the best experience of their life. We want them to improve all their English skills and be able to use them.

We want the students to have fun, meet new international friends, and have a wonderful tour of Canada and Canadian culture. We want students to come back to Canada with new locations and participate in new tours that become available in other exciting parts of the world.

We want the international tour leaders to have a good experience with this program. Many international English teachers have student loans, low wages and high expenses preventing them from being able to travel to join English immersion programs. The tour leader program can help these teachers finance their overseas professional development and teacher training.

Many international English teachers have employment requirements of language immersion, and teaching skills workshops or on-going professional development. The tour leader program is designed to trade the expenses of travel and tuition for assistance and training. We want the international teachers to enjoy the tour, improve their English and teaching skills, gain some international teaching experience, meet new friends and fellow Canadian teachers and help them obtain their professional development requirements.

This position is ideal for non-native English teachers that have to attend ESL workshops or programs to maintain or upgrade their English skills and wish to attend these programs in Canada or the Asian camp locations. The tour leaders receive air flights, meals, accommodation, small honorarium and TESL workshops in exchange for their assistance.

To meet all current Canada CIC Laws and USA Work Permit Regulations the Teacher Tour Program is not considered a job and the cost of airfare, accommodation and the TESL, TEFL and TESOL teacher training workshops are not considered a salary.

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