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2022 Canada Homestay with ESL English Tutors

ESL in Canada recommends private one to one ESL English tutoring for international students. The combination of Canadian homestay and tutoring is an ideal learning opportunity for international students.

Costs for the 2022 homestay and ESL English tutor program:
Rooms are between $500 to $800 per four-week period
Meals are $400 per four-week period
Tutoring costs are:
Plan A : 20 hours per month for $400 or
Plan B : 40 hours per month for $800 or
Plan C : 60 hours per month for $1,200
Books, reading materials, reference materials: $100
Registration fee: $150

Cost to the student is from $1,200 to $ 2,400 per four-week period. The homestay tutoring program will save students $300 to $800 each month and provide 30+ additional hours of individual attention each month.

The language students can also study TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or Business English, for 2 hours per day with a specialist or at the local Board of Education continuing education programs or self-study at the Library or they can volunteer at the ESL in Canada Social Club for free language exchanges.

Example Day Program for Homestay Tutor Program
7:30 AM wake up
8 AM Breakfast
9 - 11 AM Study class with tutor
12 Noon Lunch
2 - 5 PM Metro Reference Library - Language listening Laboratory
6 PM Supper
7:30 - 9 PM Continuing Education Classes
9 - 10:30 PM Homework and journals
10:30 PM lights out

Example Listing for Homestay Tutor Issac in Toronto
I have three rooms that are devoted to ESL students. The common areas are open concept, living room, dining room, and kitchen. I have a three-level house located directly across from the subway.

There is also a large backyard for summer bbq parties. I provide all meals for the students + I assist them with English. I also provide introductions into all of the various cultures of Canada.

We take tours into Quebec, Ottawa, and central Ontario. I do a lot of entertaining (huge dinner parties). During these events, the students are able to mingle with artists, academics and just plain folks.

During the warmer months, I encourage the students to bike and walk. We take cycling tours of Toronto's parks and we often pack a picnic lunch. In the evenings and weekends I take them with me (walking tours) as I do my shopping. This is an important tool of learning the basics in English and also how to mingle with Canadians ( I talk with strangers as I go through my daily duties). Most students don't know how to start a conversation with a stranger in public. I try to devote a large percentage of my time to the students. I enjoy helping the students to learn about Canada and Canadians.

Students Benefit with Homestay Tutors

The Homestay Tutor Program is designed for the Canadian homestay family to add real value to the " Homestay Experience" of international students who travel to Canada to study English as a second language.

Homestay in Canada can be a wonderful experience for students to receive real one-on-one tutoring in English pronunciation, language rhythm, tone and timing. The student can hear oral demonstrations and practice their basic conversation skills in a positive nurturing environment that no mass language class in Canada can duplicate.

Homestay students have stated that they have learned between 0% and 90% of all English during their stay in Canada at the Homestay. ESL in Canada is interested in developing the positive aspects of individual tutoring for students and help homestay families be properly compensated for the true value of their contributions.

The typical language student traveling to Canada pays from $600 to $1500 for 100 hours of ESL classes, pays $600 to $900 for homestay and a variety of registration fees from $200 to $500. With travel expenses the first month for the typical language student costs from $3000. to $4500. Canadian dollars.

Because of the high costs most language students stay in homestay for one month then move to an apartment with other students where the native language is spoken most of the time. Most international language students have been forced to a totally negative English language-learning living situation because of basic economics.

The typical language student sits in a class with 10 to 25 other students and receives from 0 to 10% teacher help. If we use the 10% and 100 hours formula - the typical language student pays $60 to $150 per hour for their individual teacher attention.

ESL in Canada wants to change the economics for language students to help them learn more for less. The basic economics for homestay tutoring is very simple. Costs of a room range between $200 to $400 per four week period, the price for Meals is $300 per four week period and the price for 30 hours of tutoring is $450 per 4 week period. The Total Cost to the student is $950 to $1150 Canadian dollars per four week period.

The combination program will provide 30 additional hours of individual attention each month. This combination will allow language students to stay in the homestay and remain in the 100% positive language learning environment for the entire study period in Canada.

Real Benefits for Homestay Tutors

The first benefit is the personal satisfaction that is generated from watching a fellow human being succeed using the information and skills obtained from your teaching.

The knowledge that you will help your students save lots of money and learn more with you.

The students will stay with you for three to twelve months instead of changing every 2 or 4 weeks.

By legally registering your Homestay tutor business, keeping proper business records and filing a business tax form most homestay tutors will create so many legal deductions that they have more net income. I enjoy getting back taxes from Ottawa - you should too!!!

ESL Homestay Tutor Registration Requirements

  1. Clean furnished room with standard heating and air conditioning
  2. Proximity to public transportation and facilities
  3. Teaching qualifications and experience
  4. Ability to prepare meals and ESL English lessons
  5. Safe neighborhood and environment

ESL in Canada requires pictures, references and will inspect premises.

The most requested cities for homestay tutoring are: Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Banff, Montreal, Ottawa, PEI, Halifax, Calgary, London, Canada.

Homestay Tutor Information Form

ESL in Canada has international students who are requesting homestays.
ESL in Canada also works with some excellent schools with students who are requesting homestays.

Please copy and complete the following Homestay Family description and email to:

Homestay Registration form for homestay families in Toronto, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Banff, Montreal, Ottawa, PEI, Halifax, Calgary, London, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Victoria, Hamilton, Saint John, Windsor, Canada, North America.

Part 1: Please tell us the type of homestay or student accommodation


Homestay Tutor

Rental Units

Part 2: Please provide homestay registration information

Family Name

Family members


Residence Address

Emergency Contact Number

Email Address

Country of Citizenship


Teaching experience

Other Work Experience

Languages spoken

Dates Homestay Available

Can you be appointed legal guardian for under 18 year old students?

House Descriptions

Neighborhood Descriptions

House Rules

Laundry Descriptions

Meal Descriptions

Phone, TV, Internet Descriptions

Family Activity Descriptions

Prices: 4 weeks Room + Breakfast

Prices: 4 weeks Room + 2 meals

Prices: 4 weeks Room + 3 meals


Any Additional Information

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